The coaches at  CrossFit Lumberton come from diverse athletic backgrounds and experience, but they all have one thing in common, they care. Their passion and commitment to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals is what separates us from other gyms. We know every member and their fitness goals, and strive to provide the training, education, support and motivation to meet these goals. As a coaching staff, we are committed to pursuing excellence and pushing you to thrive, not just survive. We are invested in taking care of you and take pride in helping you to enjoy life. We are in the business of getting you prepared for any obstacle or task life may throw at you.


Sean Hardy – Head Trainer

[email protected]

  • CrossFit Level 1 Instructor (CF-L1)
  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer
  • Texas Dept of State Health Services EMT-B
  • Texas Commission on Fire Protection – Firefighter
  • AHA CPR Healthcare Provider Certified
  • USPA Licensed Skydiver A-61827

I started CrossFit in March of 2010. I needed to get into a better exercise program than my usual “upper body today and lower body tomorrow” routine. I started CrossFit feeling like I was already in shape, so I wasn’t hesitant to try it out. I went to my first workout ready to show everybody “how it’s done.��� Before I stepped in the door, I read the sign that said “check your ego at the door.” I think I muttered something like “oh crap” and immediately got worried. As I walked in I was very nervous, but everyone there came and shook my hand and genuinely wanted to get to know me. After peeling myself off the floor when the workout was over I knew this was the program for me! Since I started CrossFit, I have not only made more gains than with any other program, but I have met and surpassed nearly all of the goals I have set. I love that I have found a way to train that is not only fun, but, IT WORKS!!!! As a professional firefighter for the City of Beaumont, being in good physical condition is not just a plus, it is a requirement. Much like our daily WOD’s (workout of the day), my job is highly unpredictable. CrossFit has helped me to be physically prepared for whatever the next emergency call requires of me. I am now healthier, stronger, faster, more powerful and more confident than I have ever been in my life! All it took was going to the “box��� and putting my best effort into every workout.


Stephanie Hardy-

  • CrossFit Level 1 Instructor

Aside from a few school sports I have no athletic background to speak of. I started CrossFit in August of 2010 at a free class. I wasn’t immediately hooked although I signed up and used CrossFit as a supplement to personal training. That lasted about a month; I dumped the personal trainer and dedicated my gym time to CrossFit. The results were fast and lasting. I got my L1 with the intent of only coaching kids however, the opportunity to coach a regular class came up and I loved it. I’ve been coaching ever since and love watching people do things they never thought they could do and achieve goals they never thought they could obtain.


Stacey Millican

  • Steadfast Bootcamp Instructor
  • CrossFit Level 1 Instructor
  • ACE Personal Trainer

Fitness has been my passion since I can remember. In 2006, I decided to make my passion my career. I became a personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise and am presently a senior at Lamar University attaining a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. I have taught group fitness including: spinning, Pilates, yoga, water and step aerobics, muscle conditioning, HIIT, kickboxing and Body Pump over the last 8 years. I’ve ran countless 5Ks and 10ks, 2 half marathons, 1 full marathon and a sprint triathlon. Always a firm believer in mixing things up to avoid plateaus and to create muscle confusion, I was intrigued when I heard about CrossFit in 2010. I had to try it! Never before had I experienced such an adrenaline rush. Every time I went, the workout was different with everything from gymnastics to weightlifting with people from all different walks of life. It is functional training, teaching our bodies to react and handle anything life throws at it. This was exactly what I’d been looking for! With a toddler and 2 teenagers, I definitely need that kind of training. I continued to personal train and teach classes while training at CrossFit until June 2014 when I was offered the opportunity to coach Steadfast bootcamp and yoga and Pilates classes at CrossFit Lumberton. I love the idea of sharing the CrossFit experience with people who can start at any fitness level and watch them meet their goals while they gain strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility and overall quality of life!


Clayton Manzer – [email protected]

  • CrossFit Level 1 Instructor (CF-L1)
  • Judge – 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games South Central Regional
  • Texas Commission on Fire Protection – Intermediate Firefighter
  • Texas Dept of State Health Services EMT-B
  • FreeBirds Fanatic Rewards Club Member
  • Level 20 Ninja Gaiden Instructor
  • AHA CPR Healthcare Provider Certified

Being a Professional Firefighter, physical fitness is of the utmost importance. Pulling hose and breaching walls wearing 75 pounds of gear in temperatures in excess of over 1,000 degrees, operating extrication equipment, and carrying patients on stretchers are just some of the challenges that we face at any given time. Being physically fit is one of the best ways to guarantee that I go home to my family after my shift. I’ve tried all different kinds of exercise programs, even finished 3 half-marathons. I’ve spent countless hours running the roads and pushing weights in the gym. Nothing ever seemed to help me reach the goals I was looking for. That all changed when I was introduced to Crossfit in 2010. It���s my esteemed honor that you have entrusted your fitness goals with me. Together, with our thorough Coaching, nutrition education, and dedication on your part, were going to do a remarkable job making you the athlete you’ve always wanted to become. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.