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I Would listen to Ray Lewis read “Goodnight Moon”. Sometimes a bit of motivation is all it takes.

WOD 121010

Back Squat: Percentage is of your 1RM.

1) 1 Rep Every 30 seconds for 2:00 (5 total reps) @ 70%
*Rest 2:00
2) 1 Rep Every 45 seconds for 2:15 (4 total reps) @ 75%
*Rest 3:00
3) 1 Rep Every 60 seconds for 2:00 (3 total reps) – 1 rep @ 80%

Each set should be performed without re-racking the bar. Once you have walked out of the rack with the barbell, do not put it down until the set is finished.  Re-Racking the bar will result in a 5 Burpee penalty, to be performed during the set rest.

3 rounds :
50 KB Hi-Pulls (55/35)
50 Double-Unders

These will be performed similar to the SDHP, however you will not be in the sumo stance. Swing the KB like a kb swing, then pull up directly to the chest.

On October 20th, CrossFit Mid County, along with numerous other gyms worldwide will be hosting Barbells For Boobs. This is CrossFit’s annual fundraiser for Breast Cancer. We will not be having any classes that morning, and hope you will join us. Get a partner and plan to participate. More info can be found here.

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  • Katie

    85,90,95 BS
    11:42 3x singles, 35# kb

  • Lisa H

    75/80/85 BS
    9:00, 20#kb, 3x singles
    Still scaling, but getting better!

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