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We will be offering 2 weeks free to anyone interested in trying out CrossFit. Starting next week, all classes are free for non-members. The dates for all free classes are 1/6 through 1/17, with class times being 6am, 12 noon, 5:30pm, and 6:30pm. We will have beginner workouts for non-members and advanced workouts for members at each class time. In order to join our gym we require that each person complete an On-Ramp Course; this is an introductory 2 day class that teaches the fundamental movements you need to know in order to workout safely and efficiently. Anyone who attends 6 or more classes in the 2 week period is exempt from the On-Ramp Course (you will learn all the movements in the free classes). Can’t attend 6 classes??? Show up to 4 and get your On-Ramp for 1/2 price! Anyone who was formerly a member of Lumberton Fitness Center but lost their membership due to the closing will get their On-Ramp for FREE!!!!

So what’s the catch? ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO CATCH! We feel that CrossFit is so effective that it will prove it’s worth in as little as 1 class! We won’t ask for your credit card info in order to attend the free classes. All we ask is that you share your experience with others! There is no better time than now to try us out. We cater to all ages*, all fitness levels, and all ability levels. We custom tailor each workout to your personal needs. Think you need to “get in shape” before trying CrossFit? No way! We truly can tailor each workout to you!

*We require minors to at least be in High School and must have their parent sign a waiver*

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