Month: May 2011

Mud Brothers

WOD 5/5/11 With a Partner for max reps: 5 mins per station… Tire Flips Burpees Dumbbell Push Press (40#/25#) Box Hop Overs (20/16) Only one partner can work at a time. Post partner and reps completed to comments. Hurry up and get signed up for the Paleo Challenge! Email us your before pictures and your …

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WOD 5/4/11 Clean & Jerk – Find a heavy single AMRAP in 10 minutes: 8 clean & jerks (155/105) then AMRAP in the remaining time of: 15 bar hops (over your barbell) 10 push-ups 5 deadlifts (same barbell) end with 8 more clean & Jerks For every second you finish under 9:40 or over 10:20 …

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Dirt For Dinner

WOD 5/3/11 Front Squat 5-5-5-3-3-3 Tabata Mash-Up Double-Unders Burpees You will complete 2 full tabata intervals, alternating between movements

Living Dead

WOD 5/2/11 “Frienemy” With A Partner: Partner 1 does 7 burpees Partner 2 does Max Rep Dumbbell Thrusters (45#/30#) Once partner 1 completes the burpees you switch. First partner to complete 75 thrusters wins. To scale, one partner can use lighter dumbbells, or one partner can do less burpees each time. Tabata Handstand Hold or …

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