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WOD 130305

Find A 1 Rep Max

AMRAP in 12:
100 Single Unders (single jumps with jump rope)
5 Dead Hang Pull Ups
10 Deadlifts (135/95)

We will not be having a 6:30 pm class this Friday!!! Plan on being at CFB at 6:30 instead.

Planning on competing in the Open? If you have not signed up there is still time! If you are signed up and cannot do WOD 13.1 on Friday night or Saturday morning, let a coach know so that we can make sure you get it done before Sunday afternoon!

This will probably be the last “heavy” day this week. For the next 5 weeks during the open, we will be programming around doing the Open workout on Friday. Talk with a coach on how you may want to scale differently if you are doing the workout on a different day. This doesn’t mean that the workouts will be easy, they will just be tapered down to have you fresh for Friday.

For you Team athletes: The final roster must be decided by Sunday evening at the closing of WOD 13.1

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