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Octoberfest Obliteration 2010 "Franks And Beans" took 5th place in the Team Division-Good Times


WOD 120403

4 x 500m Row

3 Rounds:

  • Max Reps Unbroken Kettlebell Swings (55/35)
  • Max Reps Unbroken Thrusters (95/65)

Each round you will do as many reps as you can unbroken of each movement before moving on to the next. Once you drop the bar or Ketllebell, your count stops, then you move on. Rest as much as needed between each movement, but there will be a 20 min cutoff.

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  • Neal

    Who got second in the individual at that comp?

  • Clayton

    Dude I was going to put it, but didnt remember if you did 2nd or 3rd. *coach Neal Riley Placed 2nd as well!*

    • Sophia

      Maybe because the thing lkeood so daunting, I had the pleasure of getting a one on one class with Dave at 8:30. It was the first time I’d tried a muscle up, so needless to say, I did them starting with my feet on the floor. The work out was brutal despite the fact that I didn’t do the men’s RX for any of the weights (95 for cleans, 27.5s for push press, 75 for thrusters, and 35lb plates for lunges) and used a few other cheats (like band assisted pull-ups).20:04. Honestly, I’m not sure I could have even gotten through it had I sized up.

    • Sara

      185 for 5.12something for the wod. did all kipping plluups for the first time thanks for pushing me dave! too bad i’m a wimp and had to drop down to 53lb thrusters Would’ve felt good to have an Rx next to my name in a wod with plluups. Oh well i’ll get em next time. and matt, suck it up buttercup nobody likes a whiner

  • Neal

    hahah, thanks Clayton!

    • Julio

      Just wondering how you are dtiermening age groups, is it your age on the day you do the WOD? or are you doing by what your age is by Dec 31st, or some other cutoff date?Also, do you have any inside knowledge of how age is going to be determined for the games? I turn 45 in November, so am very curious to know!Just found your website today, look forward to catching up and posting results, thanks for doing this, great idea!

    • Anastacio

      Holiest of Cows! Hard Wod. I have to ask for a judgement call if this ttnscioues as RX: I did 7 minutes of the WOD, doing the 3/6/9/Thrusters, but took off three minutes (minutes 4/6/8) doing nothing but breathing. I used 100pds and did 4,ooo. I think it was RX because I did each minute that I attempted in the RX manner but am open to suggestion! Anyway, great WOD!

  • Jeff

    Good program today Clay. Intense workout, good movements. Still feeling it.

    1:45 for best 500 meter row sprint.
    KB Swings: 35, 25, 30 with 45lbs
    Thrusters: 10, 12, 15 with 75lbs

    • Keischa

      Alakazaam-information found, problem solved, tanhks!

  • Katie

    kb swings 50,45,45 20#
    thrusters 6 @35# 15, 15 @15#

    • Gharcia

      so plane got in after midnight, plus three hours time cnghae, didn’t get a whole lot of sleep but I’m heading to Northwest CrossFit for a WOD. Trying to decide which shorts to wear then opened the blinds to check the weather. Saw all these people bundled up in parkas and thought oh yeah, I’m in Seattle! I put on some leggings!! Have a good workout everyone!

    • Juscelino

      I WAS starting to get nuvroes because I read in one of the Paleo articles not to eat more than 6 eggs a week…and I know I’ve exceeded that! I’m sure I could find another Paleo article that doesn’t give any limitations on the amount of eggs to eat…but the other article was fresh in my mind when I made the egg-white omelet. Thank you for providing more info for me.

  • Grant

    1:51 slowest row

    31,20,16 55#
    10,10,10 95#

    • Iris

      Ohhhhhhh I’m cold thinking about you right now!!! You know me, I’m in long stertch pants, three layers and a jacket yes I’m still in Maui!! Take pix of the box if you can and want to hear all about how you wod!!! Have a blast and stay warm, we’ll be thinking of you while we’re in our wod mode!!!

    • Sandyy

      this workout looks hrlriboe glad it’s my day off re: mud run if everyone really wants to go, i’ll do. However, if it’s the i’ll do it if you do it type thing, which it seems to be, I propose we save our energy, come kick ass in Saturday’s class, and put the $25 registration fee we would have used into the September FGB fundraiser coffers. If it’s mud people want there’s a nice patch of grass in front of the gym

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