5th Mountain – CONQUERED!



WOD 1/7/13

10-1 Push Press (95/65)

1-10 Back Squats (95/65)

800m Run

10-1 Power Snatch (95/65)

1-10 Bar Facing Burpees


The goal is to not set down the bar during the push press and back squats and to do each set of snatches unbroken!


Thanks to everyone who came out to CFMC yesterday to take on “The 5th Mountain”

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  • Sheree Pierce

    In an effort to continue my job of making everyone feel good about themselves, I’ll post my time for today: 41:23.
    I also scaled the weight back to 50# (Did a few reps at 65# in warm-up but realized I’d never finish at that weight.) It should be noted that I did EVERY SINGLE REP, though!

  • Neal

    Did this one at CF Mid-County on Friday with Stefan. I did it in 19:48. This was one of the funnest workouts I’ve done in a while; but maybe it was just because I don’t get to go head to head vs. stefan very often!

  • Chris

    I’m stealing this one!

  • Allie

    27:06 RX – unbroken on first couplet. The push press were awful, and I rarely say that about push press.

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    those of you who are going to try not to drop the bar, shake out your arms while doing back squats. my arms went to sleep from the elbow down. that’s a long time for your hands to be above your heart!

  • K Doubt

    31:43 RX. Unbroken for the first set or two, then the push press killed me. Great WOD tho! Definitely pushed me!

  • Greg

    22:12 not rx, only because of the shoulder. I will be glad when this thing gets back right!!

  • Ashley T.

    I don’t know what my time was but I know it was over 30 mins. This was probably the hardest workout for me in the 4 months I’ve been going. Snatches were horrible both physically and form wise. Kept falling over and losing my balance. Hoping we do snatches in skill work soon so I can work on them! Definitely a great workout though. Made me push myself really hard to finish even though I wanted to quit multiple times!!

  • Clint

    24:50 RX. Only made it through the round of 6 pushpress before dropping the bar. Did singles on the snatch in hopes of maintaining somewhat proper form. All in all a fun workout.

  • Clayton

    Dang this was fun. Programming it tomorrow for CFL. 26 and some change as Rx. Did an 800m sprint before starting. But a dang good WOD. We’ll see what the CFL athletes can pump it out at tomorrow!

  • Aaron

    26:55 (75#), fun wod!

  • Dena

    22:09 RX, I agree it was entertaining. Did first round unbroken broke up the first few rounds of snatches but did 6 – 1 unbroken. Shoulders are feeling it today.

  • Elyse

    dang Dena! you killed it!!! good work

  • Danielle

    This WOD yesterday just out right sucked! I dropped the bar…more than once. my traps were on fire. It really kicked my but the whole 29:40 rx it took me to complete. JJ gave me a good ole push at the end so I can thank him for that and getting it complete before time limit hit.

  • Dena

    Thanks Elyse! But I was well rested up because I hadn’t worked out since Thursday.

  • Grant

    Did it in bc today. 22:15 Rx. Should’ve been my day off, but I couldn’t resist

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