8 Week Nutrition Challenge Starting January 13

8 Week Nutrition Challenge Starting January 13

crossfit-fitness-pyramid2We are hosting an 8 week Nutrition Challenge to kick off the new year! Did you know that nutrition is the basis for fitness? If you’re nutrition isn’t in line you won’t perform optimally, you’re less likely to achieve your goals; and obviously it will be more difficult to achieve significant fat loss.

The key to this challenge will be fat loss. The number on the scale doesn’t tell the whole story; we don’t care about how much weight you will lose; we care about how much fat you will lose! That’s why we are teaming up with Mobile Bod Pod to test your body composition at the beginning of challenge on January 13 and again at the end of the challenge on March 3.


Nutrition Challenge – $150

This includes the body fat testing with the bod pod on January 13 and again on March 10 at the end of the 8 week challenge ($90 value). During certain weeks you will be asked to record everything you eat so you and a coach can review your eating habits. There will be three winners of our challenge who will be taking home cash prizes! The winners will be determined by amount of body fat lost, how well they recorded their eating habits, and how much they were working out during the time. (If your a leaner person you can still win, by going from 15% body fat to 12% body fat you lost 20% of your fat, if you went from 30% body fat to 25% body fat you would have only lost 17% of your fat)

To sign up you need you to call us at 409-651-5679.


Body Fat Testing Only – $50 for one time, $90 for two times.If you’re not interested in the challenge but would still like to have your body composition tested.





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