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WOD 120705

5×2 Two position cleans

3 Rounds:
5 Power Cleans
30 Double Unders
5 Power Cleans
30 Situps
5 Power Cleans
30 Double Unders

1 Two position clean will consist of 1 clean from the floor, return the bar directly to the hang position and perform a hang clean. Return the bar to the ground to complete the second rep. Each set will consist of 2 total Two position cleans. Enjoy.

T shirts are on the way. We will get them to you as soon as they come in. Thanks for being patient with the delay.

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  • Morgan

    I wasn’t really in the mood to go today. I was sleepy and just wanted to crawl up in bed…. Glad I didn’t.. I may be a smidge more tired (HA) than i was before I went but I feel like i mananged to work off some of that caramel I made yesterday.. 🙂 90 x 6 single jump ropes is a lot!

    MAX 2 position Cleans – 80lbs
    60lb power cleans
    90 single jump rope

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