A Few Announcements

A Few Announcements

Just A Few updates to get you up to speed:

Our biggest shipment from Rogue Fitness arrived today and more equipment has arrived earlier in the week. We expect the flooring to be in over the next couple of days, with installation done by the end of the week.  We hope to be holding workouts at some point next week. Stay tuned to our facebook page and this website for more information.

Tshirts have been ordered and will be shipped soon. We’ll get you more information on how to get one soon.

Remember that your first 2 weeks at Crossfit Lumberton will be free. We believe that once you try what we have to offer, you’ll be hooked. Make sure to pass the word around to everyone you know in town.

Lastly don’t forget about our free Community WOD in the Park behind the Middle School on Main St. This is a perfect chance to meet the Staff and some of the CrossFit Community.  You can find more information on the event page, here. Just like all of our workouts, this one will be scalable to any fitness level. It’s looking like beautiful weather! Afterwards were all heading to Mid County for Racer’s Guardian Angel Fundraiser. Were hoping to see lot’s of friends out to raise money for this wonderful little boy!

We’re very excited at how things are coming along. Thanks to everyone who has lent a hand or even just a well wish. We cant wait to get the doors open!



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