A note about the programming for the next few weeks

A note about the programming for the next few weeks

You will notice that we may be doing back squats a bit more than normal over the next 3 weeks. Understand that this is intentional. We are utilizing a program intended to increse your 1 rep max back squat. In increasing your ability in that particular movement, it’s believed that most of the other lifts you enounter will, for th most part, follow suit.

The program we are using is set up for a 3 week cycle. The back squat will be programmed 4 days out of the week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. For this program to work as designed, its of vital imprtance that you be in attendance for as many of those days as possible.  We understand that it may not always be possible to make every session, and thats okay. Just know that, like all other things, you’ll only get out of this program what you put into it.

Please know, this is going to be challenging. The weight you loaded on the bar on Monday will be the lightest load you make over the next 3 weeks in the back squat. You will be more sore than usual and will require more recovery than usual. It’s part of building muscle and getting stronger. And in the long run, it’s important to your overall performance and health.

Please know, your coaches are following this program as well, and we are suffering right there with you. If you have any questions, ask one of us. We’ll be happy to go further into detail. The information regarding this cycle can be found at this link. Its much more detailed on that end and will be able to explain the practice further.




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