A Pretty Good Week

A Pretty Good Week

My CrossFit hero, Chris Spealler, being chased by The Fittest Man On Earth, Mikko Salo
Chris Spealler being chased by The Fittest Man On Earth, Mikko Salo


Last week was another great one. I’ve made the transition from shadowing coaches to training athletes on my own (although I’ll still be shadowing when I have the chance). I put my first athlete through her first three fundamentals classes and everything went great. She was a stellar performer so that made my job that much easier. This week I have two new athletes that I’ll be putting through the fundamentals classes so I’m looking forward to that. At CFDC each new athlete has to attend three 1-hour fundamentals classes to go over the 9 basic movements and some of the other more common CrossFit exercises. Each fundamentals class is ended with a workout and a little question and answer session. After the three classes the athlete is ready to jump into the group training.

I also had a chance to sit down with Spencer and pick his brain about the business side of things. Got some great information about certifications, expenses, getting started, class times, scheduling systems, and all kinds of other back end stuff that I needed to find out about. I’m extremely lucky to have people willing to share their knowledge and experience. This has allowed me to get a better idea about set up costs and monthly expenses and I’m thinking that I could open a month earlier than previously planned. Right now the plan is to start around late February or March but that could change to early February if things work out well!

Over the weekend I attended the Gymnastics Certification in Rockwall, TX. It was a great chance to learn some teaching cues, movement technique, new movements, proper spotting, and coaching skills. We didn’t go over gymnastics in the usual way people think about it (tumbling, pommel horse, parallel bars) but the way gymnastics applies to CrossFit. We covered movements such as the kipping pull-up, handstand push up, one armed handstands, L-sits, V-ups, parallette work, skin the cat, front lever, back lever, and the always challenging muscle-up. Learned some good stuff; met some good people. Overall it was a pretty good week.

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