In The Daily WOD

WOD 3-20-12

Ring Dips

  • 5-5-5-5-5

5 Rounds:

  • 9 Deadlifts
  • 9 KB Swings
  • 200m Run

If you plan to do open WOD 12.5 this week, or even just want to join in the excitement, join us at CrossFit Beaumont for “Friday Night Lights”. They’ll be doing the open WOD at 7:30, then continue with Shenanigans all through the night. Check out the Facebook Event HERE and RSVP if you plan on going. Its open to anyone to workout, or just to cheer the competitiors on!

The order of PurePharma Fish Oil has been shipped and will arrive soon. If you haven’t reserved a bottle yet, we’ll have plenty available to buy. Just contact Sean or Clayton. Bottles are $30 each for a 40 day supply. This is by far the best source of Omega 3’s around. Get yours ASAP.

Also, dont forget that we have all of or merchandise still for sale. Shirts are $20 and water bottles are $7.

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  • Neal

    “Your meal is my appetizer”

    • Kara Anderson

      LMAO!…. Holy crap, still laughing

      • Carolyn

        jessica – I turned 30 years old and have never reeeivcd as many comments about how good I am looking in the weight department. Especailly from facebook and friends and familty I have never seen. I competed in the faction games as fun and you guys are right it puts a fire under your behind to achieve more and be the best you can be. Never thought I would be doing any of the workouts that I am doing today. Everyone should try competing once just to see what you are made of. CFM has changed everything about the way I look at food and working out.[]

    • Wawan

      Sea Monster – My favorite is a CrossFit Murfreesboro Origonal: “Jack Attack”7 Muscle UpsRun 400 M10 Back Squat (135# 0r 115)Run 400M7 Handstand Push UpsRun 40010 Clean and Jerk (135# or 115)Run 400M[]

    • Kemod

      First day back from Vacation and I spent 1.5 hours with Bob and Coach Kerri on Olympic Lifts. 1RM Record on Back Squat~then~WOD with Coaches Karen, Amy, Jeff and Richie of 5r4x of 10 Burpees/20KBS/30Jumpin Pullups Rxd~then~Row for 5000m with Coaches as well took me 30 minutes to row it, but I DID IT! Awesome ccmebaok to CrossFitOIB .oh how I missed thee! See you tomorrow!

  • Grant

    13:45, 225# x 2 sets, 185# x 3 sets, 55# kb

    • Samsudin

      flower power – Evan and LeeTay HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! My workout today will be done at home and is cealld “painting a bedroom” so I will miss seeing one of my favorite trainers on his birthday my favorite workout is Fight Gone Bad.[]

    • Perry

      Tried paleo biscuits and gravy again iohtgnt. Used xantham gum to thicken the gravy. Gave it a somewhat odd texture, but best way that we’ve found so far!

  • Clint Martin

    12:06 – 165 / 55×3, 45×2 / subbed row.
    Got worked over by this WOD. The gas tank is not what it used to be!

    • Camila

      Great post today Zach well written and to the point. This is one rsaeon why I enjoy Crossfit. Leave the BS at the door and as you put it Focus on the rsaeon you are here to begin with. You don’t pay to come and socialize – neither did anyone else! and For at least an hour per day, you fully devote to improving yourself. Thanks!

    • Rahayu

      Cat – 27:17 RX dMixed emotions about this WOD!! On the tpvioise side I did it RX d , on the negative I did my hyperventilate, panic thing I do and tried to quit at the end which I feel pretty ashamed about! I really have to figure out how to control that but thank you Hughey and Sarah for calming down and reminding me to breath, sorry I tried to quit!!Awesome job everyone, especially you girls that have a major fear with box jumps. I fear just about everything else you ladies do so I totally understand but you more than overcame, great job!Sarah, what a way to represent strong over 30 something women (hope you don t mind me saying that). I want you to come with me to Sectionals, plan for it now!! Remember what you do inspires women of all ages, you certainly inspired me yesterday. I want to work on being calm like you under pressure, not sure I can but one can hope.[]

  • Sean

    11:47 RX, minus the last 200m run. Everybody did great today!

    • wwaaoecv

      Z2bX9V iycdssiejsgw

    • Joshua

      Modified for Old farts who don’t know any better and come to Cross Fit. this was ay thoeugr than it looked on the web site or the white board. Nap time.By the way did anybody see where I left my walker?

    • qbjxcr

      vt3wOM , [url=]pjrtfasezlju[/url], [link=]jzdehbovkggs[/link],

    • opkxlzchs

      BWYi3C bnjoxdqccxuk

    • Ana

      My goals for the new year are:1) Keep Providing an awesome gym2) Make all VisOne mbreems happy at all time3)Make it the Rebook CrossFit Games4) Make Tosha happy more often then not lol!5) Cook and Clean more6) CrossFit VisOne more successful7) Healthy Life Style Always put a smile on someones face everydayim sure i have more but thats what i can think of!

    • Motoki

      Goals:1) Help with the expansion (members) of VisOne2) 200# press3) Compete in mtiulple (3-4) organized workouts4) Get certified in Oly lifting, crossfit kids, or crossfit football5) Spend more time with my nieces’ and nephew6) Maaybbee get a gf?7) Let things go easier (less stressed) Win a game at mud volleyball

  • Alvin

    My weakest gerenal skill would be coordination. Anyone who knows me well, can attest to that. I won’t go into details but I’ve been known to walk into walls and trip on things that aren’t there. Its kind of funny after training in martial arts for 17 years I can spin and kick someone in the head but I can’t catch a ball to save my life.This wod was interesting, certainly one I would like to come back to a few months from now squat cleans were awful .left wrist is still really sore and my form just plain sucks. Can’t do double unders so I had to do tuck jumps (coordination thing)and muscle ups are my new number one on things to figure out, especially after the nasty girls wod, so i had to do them from the ground. The rest was as rx’d for thrusters, push press and lunges 14.34? give or take a second or two certainly want to come back to this one a few months from now

  • Emily

    We did declining tetusrhrs at the 0903 class. I thik the glue is getting to you Bulldog.surfer girl thanks for cheering me thru the tetusrhrs and the push plates, I appreciate the help.

  • Leonardo

    da hughey’s – 21:42-ashley fav cf wod is Fran14:00 w/60# dmubell swings-matt ..dont necessarily have a fav cf wod ..i like to come in and do whatever i feel like i need to work on that day ..thanks for the competition on this one baker, ur a beast![]

  • Agung

    RIKI – 21:5025# plate with box30# for kettle bell niswgs20# ball25 real pull ups25 any other way i could get her done:) I really liked the burpee/pullup things we did a while back[]

  • Abo

    Roja – Dear People, there is a fantastic Coach Burgener video on the cnstah that was recently posted on CrossFit Journal. He breaks it down and makes some really good coaching points (pressing yourself under, going down as soon as the shoulders go up, keeping your OHS foot position, and more) that I think many would find super helpful. Makes me wanna get in there and try it again! CF Journal is $25 per year and more than worth it if you want more instruction. You can search it and go back to all previous issues I’ve watched everything they have on Pose running, and I think I’m starting to get it. I haven’t found a better source for Pose instruction without paying a lot more money. All of the topics (oly lifts, gymnastics, powerlifting, etc.) are oriented for the CrossFitter.[]

  • Ellie

    Big help, big help. And superlative news of cuosre.

  • Pallavi

    There was some great intensity in the 5:30 class! Loved it. Used the 1 pood Kettlebell with no ldhusoer pain on the american KB swings. I did first 2 rounds of pull-ups with no bands, then the third round I added the purple band for pull up #4 and beyond. It was tough! Loved that everyone that finished early was cheering us on. It was a lot of fun tonight. I forgot my time! Finished in 8:something! Ha!

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  • Danial Nishiguchi

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  • Nina Bahrs

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