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WOD 5-5-14

Deadlift: 5 set of 3 @ 60%

Cinco De Mayo
AMRAP in 20:
• 5 Box Jumps (30/24)
• 5 HSPU
• 5 Power Cleans (135/95)
• 5 One-arm DB Thrusters rt (45/30)
• 5 One-arm DB Thrusters lt

This week marks the last week of our deadlift program. We will be finding your new 1 rep maxes on Thursday! We hope that this programming not only improves your deadlift strength, but also your pulling power in the clean and snatch.

The Paleo Challenge starts TODAY!!! It’s not too late to join in and submit your photos and measurements.

Our kids program starts tomorrow! Get your kids signed up ASAP. This program is also open to children of non-members.

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