Battle of the Boxes

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WOD 2-15-13

“Heavy Jackie”

For Time:
• 1000 M Row
• 50 Thrusters
• 30 Pullups

Everyone will do the WOD today as usual. If you want to compete against the other 3 gyms, you will have to do this WOD according to RX or Scaled division standards. The standards are as follows:
• Men’s RX- 95# thrusters, unassisted pullups
• Women’s RX- 65# thrusters, unassisted pullups
• Men’s Scaled- 75# thrusters, unassisted pullups
• Women’s Scaled- 45# thrusters, pullups with blue band

You do not have to comply with these standards to workout today, but if you can do the WOD with these standards, we encourage you to.

Shirt and hoodie money is due today!

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  • Grant Anderson

    Good luck CFL!
    I’m excited to sponsor this event and I think we have thought everything out pretty well. Bear with us if we have to iron out a few minor kinks. Is prefer my $$ stay with our box, so show up and show out!

  • Chelsey Wigginton

    Women’s RX- 65# thrusters, unassisted pullups


    whooopppp whooooppp!

  • Grant

    9:42 Rx
    Great kickoff WOD for the Battle!

  • Grant Anderson

    8:17 Rx

  • Stevie

    Great WOD! That is an Amazing time Grant

  • Tara

    Women’s RX-65# Thrusters, UNassisted Pull ups!!
    6:25 🙂
    Super excited! Thanks to all my awesome CFL
    Buddies for cheering me on and getting me
    Through that WOD!

  • Katie

    13:23 scaled
    45# and blue band

  • Tara

    OK my bad ……my time was 16:25

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