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WOD 3-16-2012

4 x 100m Sprints


  • Wall ball (24/20)


  • Box Jumps (20/14)

Each 100m Sprint will be timed separately. For the WOD, you’ll do 10 wall balls and 1 box jump, then 9 wall balls and 2 box jumps, etc… all the way until you get to 1 Wall ball and 10 box jumps.

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  • Katie

    8:46 w/ 16″ box
    23, 22.75, 21.76, 20.75

    • Kostas

      CFSV has produced some very good aehletts as well. The Bills are amazed every work out at how hard everyone works, and how much they encourage, and help one another. It may be a cult, but its a good cult

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    • Zaid

      Actually I am REALLY sore ..Maybe because I took last week off!!! Is all this pain supsope to happen or am I just feeling my age??? I LOVE Cross Fit and the results I have seen over the past year but the pain really sucks!! Any suggestions? I am trying to do 3 days per week with a recovery day in between.

    • kvagne

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  • Grant

    100m- 13.?? time was a little off, 14.62, 15.12, 14.??
    WOD- 7:36 Rx

    • Greg

      I am fairly new to this llisetyfe, but right off the bat I would have to say the people at crossfit are another breed and I love it! Being new everyone has been very helpful with questions and workouts! So i also Love the Workouts!!!

    • Khaled

      No more than 20 miles a week, that is an accomplishment, crtnoags guys. Not having all those miles in your legs would make you a lot fresher for the event too. Strength & Conditioning this morning. 60lbs. for the Snatch workout, 120 lbs. for the 3 rep on the minute/10 minutes and made in through the Hang Pull-Ups. Could believe I was doing regular pull-ups without kipping. I’ve improved those a lot. Good workout today.

  • Kulvinder

    What has CrossFit done for me? The list is too long.. Of course there are the ciredt benefits of excellent fitness such as improved body composition, energy levels, and strength. In the three months that I have been at CF702 I have made huge gains in all of those areas. I lost 2.5 inches, gained 10 lbs of muscle, and improved at every exercise including running which I had been training at on my own for months prior to CrossFit. Not only that, it makes exercise fun, competitive, and challenging. 24 Hour Fitness and LVAC have nothing on that.There are many secondary benefits such as assistance with diet, flexibility, posture, and the community. I have friends at the gym and every day we workout we talk about the workouts, the pains, the challenges, the gains, and that generates motivation that you can’t get anywhere else. I have a bad lower back, and these exercises have improved my posture and core strength so much that it has not bothered me since I started! My diet has improved so much that people ask me if I am a chef and come to me for hints about how to cook good healthy dinners. You can improve all of these things many ways, but where can you improve them all in the same place!? CrossFit.My weekend activities have improved as well. I can snowboard for two days without getting tired and getting hurt. I have started hitting the park and I lend it to my improved health and balance. I have started rock climbing, which is something I failed at before because I was just too heavy and weak. I can hike farther, higher, and faster without tiring. Only one thing is missing CrossFit for my dog! She is starting to have trouble keeping up with me when we go hiking now. Jared, you need to figure that out.

  • Stoffies

    The support from the great trnaiers and my fellow crossfitters, the friendships I’ve developed, fun fitness and the encouragement toward a healthy lifestyle. It’s become a family affair ..Oh and I must not forget watching JD get us all charged up for 6am WOD’s!!!

  • Vikas

    hey guys, im interested in ptmceoing in the Opens female division for the crossfit challenge you have a rough time of when this contest will finish as i work saturday afternoon at 3 and am wondering wether i will have to cancel work or not.thankyou.regards Paige

  • Juni

    Man, I love CFE hearing all these polpee with real results is such an inspiration and just fuels my fire and love for CFE.Question for all those smarter than me though: been dealing with patello-femoral pain on and off for 6 weeks. Any body have any suggestions that might have worked for them? I hate not being able to run at my best. Thanks!

  • Jessica

    I was wondering if annoye had some nutrition advice or strategies that have worked for them. I do 4 S&C workouts a week along with 6 CFE workouts. Eating all paleo is not a problem for me but my struggles come with macronutriet balance i guess. Right now I am doing 35%far 35% carbs and 30% protein. Im eating around 260 g of carbs and 115 fat (most carbs from sweet potatoes). I know a lot of crossfit guys support the super low carb diets but I am afraid to make the switch. I could understand high fat might help with long distance training but with this many sprint and challenging workouts a diet centered around fat for fuel seems risky. Has it worked for annoye out there?

  • Wyatt Cheathan

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  • Conrad Plosker

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  • Darius Garduno

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