Big Joe


 WOD 9/28/11

Form is important when working out; looking awesome is just as important!


As Fast As Possible:

10 –> 1

Toes To Bar

Thrusters (95/65)


Cash Out:

AMRAP in 10 minutes:

200m Row (sprint) alternating with a partner


We have 7 free spots left for the CASA 5K. We want as many people as possible so if you don’t get signed up tomorrow the price will be $20. Forms are in the middle room.



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  • Sheree Pierce

    This caption is ALMOST as good as yesterday’s.

    I did 11:41 today using 53# and just getting my toes as high as they would go. No where NEAR the bar, but higher than they were last time! It’s all relevant!

    Cashout was fun (?). Tara and I got 5 and a half rounds.

    Mama Hen missed her usual chicks, though.

  • StephenW

    Rowing: both sucky & awesome. It sucks when you’re doing it, but you feel awesome afterwards.

  • JJ

    12:54 RX unbroken T2B as expected. thrusters went in 2 sets every round til the set of 3 i think. so that was good but too long in between picking up the bar

    cash out was legit. excellent effort from all 4 teams. i know for me normally i would sandbag a little in a cashout but seeing the intensity of everyone i for once pushed it hard in the end. thank ya 5 pm

  • StephenW

    I thought today’s WOD was pretty brutal. I did the thrusters in two sets each round also, until the 5 rep set. I was only doing 63# though. And I did knees to chest.

    JJ, you kicked butt on the cashout. I am not a fan of rowing while I’m doing it. But I always feel more awesome than usual sometime after a rowing WOD.

    I believe I’m getting better at pushing through the WODs. I’m not much faster, but I take less breaks. Usually I only stop long enough to catch a breath or two and Neal doesn’t have to holler at me to get me back on task.

  • Jaywes23

    11:41 RX unbroken on thrusters but the t2b got ugly
    Great work Jason

  • Jason

    10:01. That sucked. Then the row sucked more. My foot hurts.

  • Stephanie

    11:48 53# I started t2b but lost my rhythm after about 7 on the first set and switched to k2e for the rest of the workout.

    This wod Kicked. My. Butt. (perhaps due to the lack of good food intake today…very lightheaded) The row wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

    Another effective wod!

  • Stutes

    I actually enjoyed this WOD, tough but fun! My time was a little slow, 12:19, but I am getting better at pushing through the inablility to breathe during these WODs……..
    Cashout was GREAT at 6am!

  • Erin

    Thrusters, eww…
    11:39. Started with t2b but they were taking entirely way too long so I went k2e after the first set. Wanted to drop down in weight after my first set but I sucked it up and managed to finish it using 53#.

  • Neal

    6:31 RX I was a little late to the party on this one

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