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I apologize for the sound, and the music. Its awful. But this video is great. Its what broke it down for me-Clayton

WOD 130123

Handstand / Handstand Push Up Practice:
Accumulate 1 minute in a free standing (not on a wall) Handstand, or 2 minutes on the wall.
2 x Max Effort HSPU

5 Rounds:
400m Run
25 Pull-ups


Intro Classes:

400m Run Buy-in
4 Rounds:
6 DB Snatches (L)
10 Lunges (Per Leg)
6 DB Snatches (R)
8 Box Jumps



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  • Tara

    Loved this video! Definitely helps me understand it more. 🙂

  • Tara

    2:02 Handstand hold against wall (new PR)
    2 mats HSPU-11, 14
    23:10-red band pull ups
    Tough wrkout but a good one!
    Love my handstand wrkouts!

  • J Ru

    1 mat HSPU – 2, 2
    22:37 – green band

    Take care of you hands in this WOD…125 pull ups will shred your hands.

  • chad west

    21:13 RX. Yep. Watch your hands.

  • Grant Anderson

    14:17 Rx

  • Katie

    24:14 w/ r&p

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