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WOD 6-14-13

Front Squats: 3×10
Go as heavy as possible as long as your form is spot on.

1-10 for time:
• Wall Ball (20/14)
• DU’s
• One-arm KB Swings (55/35) [per arm]

Complete 1 rep of each, then 2, then 3…etc.

Summer is here!!! We highly encourage you to stay on top of your hydration levels! Drink lots of water throughout the day, not just 5 minutes before a WOD!

If any mothers (or fathers) are interested in doing a childcare co-op during the evening classes, please let your voice be heard. If we have a big response we can keep a rotation so that you can get your WOD on without having to worry about finding a sitter! Let a coach know and be sure to let other parents know if you are in.

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  • Grant Anderson

    185# FS 3×10
    8:41 WOD Rx

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