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A caveman’s dream world

WOD 4-2-12

Hang Clean   10-10-10-10

“Backwards Cindy” AMRAP in 7:

  • 15 Pullups
  • 10 Pushups
  • 5 Air Squats

For the Hang Cleans, use the same weight for all 4 sets. Do a few warmup sets and find a weight that challenges you, but isn’t so heavy that your form breaks down. Rest for no more than 1 minute between sets.


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  • Grant

    135# HC, 4rds + 8 PU

    • Nikolina

      Also, the Foot Race for the Fallen (5k honoring Manchester’s llfaen officers) is October 18th at 11 a.m. this year. One year I saw some crazy dude running it with a keg strapped to his back. And wouldn’t you know, it was our very own Samy. -Jill

    • More

      Catalin, you are probably right, but since Xbox360 is a DX9 decvie, waiting for DX10 in XNA would be not much of solution for me :/But, what if we compute a line that stretches across a polygon that is supposed to cast shadow. This line would connect the two most outer points of that polygon, the ones that are on the edges of your shadow. Then we could use that line for calculating shadow using Manders method. Off course such a shadow would partially cover the shadow casting object itself, but then we could draw that object on top of the shadow layer or maybe use a pixel shader to remove parts of a shadow that intersect with the shadow casting object itself.Again this is only a rough idea, based on my common sense logic and not a deep knowledge of the XNA and shaders. The knowledge which i unfortunately don’t posses (yet)

  • Lisa

    35# hc, 6 rounds + 15 rings

    • Mayson

      I’m in India until the 19th. I’m looking fwroad to getting back and hitting CF hard. And, Paleo eaters can’t make here in the land of rice and Nan. Have fun friends.

      • Dedi

        Gold on the inside and do the outer creorns black. Its a really cute smoky eye look.Also light green is very pretty. Or doing a whiteish yellow on the inside and a medium green in the middle and a darker green in the outer corner. Also copper colors, golds, browns, greens, all that is really cute And black eyeliner on top really defines them especially is you also line your lower lids.Use gold!!

      • Sobri

        Halo Kat, ad2 lng ka sa imo google accunot then pangitaa ang gadget then follower ata to..busy kau ang beauty ni inahan mao panagsa ra ko diria..

    • Fiston

      Works well! It is not obvious, toguhh. Will new users know to click on the yellow bubble or time stamp?Within the thread itself, perhaps you can put the same yellow bubble next to the title of the thread to keep things consistent? Maybe a yellow bubble with a down arrow?

      • Billy

        Hi Gabriel, I am Thea from High Lawn Primnary and I have just read your 100 word challenge. I think it is ouatntsding. I really like how you have left your story on an cliffhanger. I think it brings much more tension to the story. I love your 100 wc I hope you keep entering the 100 word challenge. I can’t wait till your next 100 word challenge. Keep it up!

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  • Staff

    Did “Running Grace” today with Clayton. RX weight, finished in 11:21. Props to Clayton for scaling up and still finishing in a good time.

    • Luan

      The CIGNA 5k race in Manchester is August 13th at 6:20. I thought it might be fun to erpersent CFNH. Maybe we could tie-dye T-shirts and paint our faces…just kidding. (It is not a rest day.) $20 before August 7th and $25 after that. You can register online or that day. About 5,000 runners/walkers participate.-Jill

    • Beatris

      Good to know that my common sense logic is not that bad after all Unfortunately there is lots of (and i mean aellry) lots of work before me until I’ll be able to do it myself. Anyway, could you please share your thoughts and say which way would you go? Would you draw a shadow casting object on top of a shadow itself or would you use a pixel shader to remove portions of a shadow that cover the shadow casting object? Or maybe some other way? Any clues?

  • Katie

    35# hc 6 rounds + 15 rings

    • Washington

      NHTI is helping a very needy and wwithohrle cause once again this fall by hosting the 3Rd Annual Friendly Kitchen 5K Road Race and 3 K Fitness Walk on September 11 at 5:30. This will be a fun event. We will have a super raffle after the race. This year we are encouraging companies to have team. Any team of 10 that is signed up a month before the race can have the team name on the T-shirt. The team can consist of walkers as well as runners. This is an email I got at work. Is a worthy cause as well and we can get t-shirts with crossfit NH on them.What do you think??I crapped out on the WOD today. I did probably about 10-12 clean and jerks in no specific sequence or time at 65-75lbs. My form was crap even though I watched the video 100x. I had no spot either….Oh well there is always tomorrow. I am up EARLY to do that one! Good Luck to all. Could of used you guys today for encouragement…. Heidi

      • Simone

        Wow! Great shots Michael. 2nd photo The first time I see it, my thought was what a nice photo. Then I noctie the shadow, my mind shouts what a great photo! Just to let you know I follow your blog almost everyday.

      • Salman

        in your logo, and stick to simple forms with no gphraic trickery, like gradients or drop shadows. Shapes and forms should be clear and easily understood at a

    • Shamara

      To be honest, I’m not ralley sure. Drawing the object on top of the shadow is not such a good idea, because it may cause shadowed objects to actually be drawn (like object lying in the shadow of other objects, and so on)What would probably be best on the long run is the idea to also assign a height when first processing the shadows, and when drawing the objects, only apply shadows on objects lower than this height. And an object is set to be a little higher than its own shadow. This would probably lead to the best result, where small objects don’t case shadows on objects larger than them. But it would also mean rewriting the way shadows are combined with the scene, adding a bit more shader complexity.

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    • Silvia

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  • Sidney Mcaulay

    Reminds me on the “street lit” debate.

  • Julian Weidmann

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  • Saul Bose

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