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High Hang Snatch

Snatch Grip Push Press

You may do either movement first, but you will complete all of the reps before switching to the next movement.

4 Rounds:
250′ Shuttle Run (50’x5)
25 Wall Balls (20/14)
250′ Shuttle Run
50 Jumping Pull-Ups

Each Round is timed seperately. You will rest between rounds. The workout will be done in group sizes that will allow for each person to safely have their own “Lane”. Your rest time will be while the other groups are going. Score is your slowest time.

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  • Chelsey Wigginton

    63# high hang snatch
    73# snatch grip push press

    Round 1 – 2:40
    Round 2 – 3:00
    Round 3 – 3:07 – Worst
    Round 4- 2:18 – Best!!!!

    I really liked this WOD despite my hate for wall balls. It was fun. 😀

  • Chelsey Wigginton

    Oh I used a 14# wall ball hah

  • Katie Tucker

    HHS: 63#
    SGPP: 103#
    Best: 3:01
    Worst: 3:58

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