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WOD 7-16-12

Max Effort L-Sit x3

L-Sits can be done on rings, boxes, plates, or the floor.

10 Rounds For Time:
• 5 Front Squats (155/115)
• 5 Ring Dips
• 5 Bar Pushups

The bar pushups should be done on the bar you are using for FS. If you are only using a 10# plate on each side, sub hand release pushups for bar pushups.

After Party: Max Effort FS with weight used in the WOD.

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  • Katie

    41/47/38 for L-sit
    This was a really good workout!!!
    10:57- 35# fs, matador w/ green band

    After party:
    30 fs unbroken

  • Tara

    L-sit=17/18/30 seconds
    13:24=75#/ring dips w/red band
    Max effort FS 75#= 15

  • thatgirldownsouth

    14:22 35#, box dips, knees/ 15 fs

  • Morgan

    After missing a week of crossfit (well needed vacation away from work, way away) this is about what i expected to come back to… *sigh* butt kicked!
    Only special people would take this kind of abuse and go back for more……. That’s my kind of people!!!! 🙂
    L-sit = 25/30/45
    70lbs / Mat dips blue band / Hand release push ups
    Time: 14:25
    Max effort: 20x w/70lbs

    Not the fastest time on the board but patting myself on the back for completing the workout w/out going down in weight halfway through which i was sure i was going to have to do…. 🙂

  • Grant

    14:05 Rx
    7 Reps
    Great Wod!

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