In The Daily WOD


Back Squat
Find a 1 Rep Max

4 Rounds:
3 Snatches (155/115)
5 Cleans
7 Jerks
10 Deadlifts
*Coach Clay and Coach Clayton knocked this gem out yesterday at open gym, figured we’d pass it along and let you get busy with it. Clayton-9:13Rx, Clay-10:33Rx

Thanks everyone for showing your support and being so welcoming to all of the visitors of our intro promotion. Many of them will be sticking around, so keep welcoming them As you have been. Now is a great time to start finding baselines for our goals. In the next few weeks you will be doing max efforts on many different things, possibly twice or 3 times a week. Over the next few months we will build our program aimed at increasing certain skills, and over time will retest these and see how well we did. If you miss one of these days, let a coach know and we can find a way to squeeze it in and help you make it up. We’re excited for a great 2014!!!

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  • Katie

    143# BS (23# pr)
    6:18 w/ 55#

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