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Just wanted everybody to know we had a great week at CFL! We finished all of the major projects needed in order to open the gym up to all of you! Unfortunately, we will not be having a Saturday class on the 18th, but we will be officially open on Monday. Class times are 6am, noon, and 6pm. As mentioned before, all classes will be free during the month of February. We are even extending our 2 weeks free program until mid March for those who can’t make it in before the month is over! Don’t forget to take advantage of our signup incentive; all contracts (6 & 12 months) that are signed during the month of February receive 10% off. Lastly, our Saturday class at 11am will start up next week and will always be free to anyone interested in getting a good workout while finding out just what CrossFit is all about. We look forward to seeing you!

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