Check Your Ego, Keep Your Integrity

Check Your Ego, Keep Your Integrity

9891_10151928273877845_2140389518_n“We’re forging elite fitness but we’re filtering for character.” – Coach Greg Glassman



Check your ego at the door.


Walking through the bay doors, it could be easy to walk by and not take the time to look down at those few words spray painted on the ground. When I first walked into CrossFit Beaumont two years ago, it was the first thing I noticed. My ego? That’s strange, I wonder why that’s there. And then I did my first CrossFit workout. I never in my life have felt so dead, baffled at my bad performance, yet humbled. These workouts were INTENSE. And more than just the workout, the little voice saying “quit” in your head is pretty hard to shut up. There was no room to be prideful in such a surrounding. I immediately thought I understood why those words were there. Months went by and I finally RX-ed my first workout. Wow. I finished last, so there was that. Here I was working out for months and thinking “I’m RX-ing workouts now this must be when things get easier”. But they don’t. And any ego you may have developed as your skills have is blown out the window. As most of you know as you get better, you add more weights. You add more intensity. There is no “easy” in CrossFit. There is only improvement.


With performance in this program whether it be scaled, RX, or somewhere in between, comes great responsibility. That responsibility is shown in your integrity; every movement, every rep, everyday. The WODs aren’t meant for everyone to be amazing. People have strengths, and weaknesses. Some days might be better for you than others. Coming in on those days and doing EVERY SINGLE REP is what your integrity is all about. When going over the WOD, coaches always tell you “every rep counts” because IT DOES (scaling reps is perfectly ok, saying you’re doing 20 and doing 18 isn’t). Those strengths and weaknesses don’t get better without facing them head on or without doing every rep. It doesn’t matter if this is your first week doing CrossFit, a normal day in the gym, or if you’re training for our competition team, EVERY REP COUNTS. Give it everything you have PLUS some. You owe it to yourself to finish what you started. Don’t get caught up in box competition that you lose the most important ideals of honesty and integrity. Coach Greg Glassman said “We’re forging elite fitness but we’re filtering for character.” Withhold your integrity to the program and push through it. Make friends, crush WODS, and make yourself at home. But don’t ever forget to check your ego at the door.


-Coach Erica





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