Competition at CrossFit Champions in Houston – October 10

Competition at CrossFit Champions in Houston – October 10

My money is on Anthony Mungioli.
My money is on Anthony Mungioli.

Ever wanted to test your physical fitness prowess? Well here’s your chance. Come join in on CrossFit Champions’ “Oktoberfest Obliteration” which will 8am Saturday, October 10 in Houston, TX. You can workout in the individual or team competition. There is a standard men’s and women’s division and also a scaled men’s and women’s division which will use less weight. You can sign up here –

Myself and a few other athletes from CrossFit Dallas Central will be participating and hopefully taking home some of the iron! This is my first competition to compete in so I’m pretty excited and really looking forward to seeing how I stack up against some of the best in the area. The competition will consist of two workouts. Only the top 10 finishers from the first workout will proceed to the second workout and the winner of the second workout win it all. The first workout will be a secret until the day of the competition and the second workout will be revealed an hour before the start of the second workout. All that we do know is that the standard weights for men will be 135# and 155#; and since we don’t know which exercise those weights relate to this really doesn’t help much.

Feel free to sign up and compete or just come out to cheer everyone on. If you’ve never been exposed to the CrossFit environment this would be a great opportunity to get a sense of the community and camaraderie. If you do come out let me know in the comments because I would love to meet you.

My prediction: Anthony Mungioli from CFDC bringing home the gold! He’s an amazing athlete and a greater person. You heard it here first.



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