Corporate Wellness

CrossFit Beaumont/Lumberton/Mid-County Corporate Program

CFB, CFL, & CFMC welcome your team to begin their journey to better health and fitness. Our Corporate program gives your employees a discounted membership to our three CrossFit locations at a discounted rate. Corporate Wellness can occur both on and off the job site and are completely client-centered, in that we personalize and tailor our program to best meet you and your company’s needs. Companies throughout Southeast Texas are invited to sign up for a plan that works for them—either us bringing a program to you, or your company coming to one of our three area gym locations at a time that is convenient for individuals (CrossFit Beaumont, CrossFit Lumberton or CrossFit Mid-County.). Classes meet several times throughout the week and will allow employees to enhance their personal fitness, strength, and join an amazingly supportive community.


With the continued rise in heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer in our modern society, not to mention every day stress, dissatisfaction, and fatigue many people battle on daily basis, health and wellness are luxuries that many Americans are missing out on. And, health and wellness are rights that we believe everyone should have—particularly in the workplace.


Healthier employees are happier and more productive employees. CrossFit is a great way to leave the stress of life and the workplace behind and focus on you. Some of our members say it’s similar to meditation, or it’s their me-time, or just their hour to turn their brain off from the everyday stressors. While challenging, our program will rejuvenate your employees, help them gain confidence and mental toughness, and help them accomplish their fitness goals. This program isn’t just for your “fit” employees – this is for anyone who desires a healthier lifestyle. No previous workout experience is required, and you can start no matter how out of shape you think you are. Our Corporate wellness program is an employee-incentive program that focuses on helping employees with things such as:

  • Incorporating work-life balance into their daily lives
  • Becoming more productive in the workplace through quality (not necessarily quantity) hours spent on the jobsite (ie. Working less but doing more), as well as decreased absenteeism
    Engaging in fitness that is fun and enjoyable, with the added benefits of accountability and community
  • Receiving nutrition education and guidance
  • Addressing lifestyle factors that are counterproductive to one’s health and quality of life
    Fostering social relationships and a friendly atmosphere in the workplace, and one’s personal life
  • Enhancing the environment to be one that employees look forward to being in, not dreading a long work day
    Preventing illness and chronic conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, cancer and other diseases
  • Educating on body mechanics, posture, stability and mobility to improve body aches and pains

For more information contact:
Neal Riley – Beaumont & Mid-County 409-651-5679
Stephanie Hardy – Lumberton 409-651-6873