CrossFit Games 2013

CrossFit Games 2013


The 2013 CrossFit Games season is here! The Open is an online competition where you will do one workout each week for 5 weeks from March 6 – April 7. You will be testing yourself against tens of thousands of athletes from all over the world. Each week a new workout will be announced; we will be doing the workouts on Friday evenings and we will be rotating between the different gyms in the area. If you are interested visit The CrossFit Games website and create your profile.

You may be asking yourself whether you can do this, whether you can scale, whether you’re fit enough for this. THE ANSWER IS YES! We want everyone, regardless of experience or fitness level to sign up. If we have to scale your workouts that is fine with us; you simply won’t be eligible to go to Regionals. If you know you will be scaling all or most of the workouts, you don not have to register online. However, we still want you to show up and compete!!! The Open is the time for you as athletes to push your individual limits and be a bigger part of our community by competing alongside your fellow CFL members and the athletes from our sister gyms Beaumont, Mid-County, and Bridge City. This is about participating in something bigger than yourself, your gym, and even our regional athletes, you will be competing world wide!

When: Every Friday evening from March 6 – April 7. If you can’t make one of the Friday’s you can do the workout earlier that week.

Where: We will host most of the Fridays at CFB but we will have a few weeks at CFMC, CFBC, or CFL. Stay tuned for locations each week.

Why: To challenge yourself and push your limits and come out better than you were before!



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