CrossFit Women = Hot

CrossFit Women = Hot

This is gross. CrossFit will not make you look like this.

I’ve had some female athletes come to me worried about looking too big. I want to explain to all of you ladies that utilizing CrossFit as your fitness program will NOT get you looking like a freakishly large body builder. We do some heavy lifting at CFB; one lift a day at max. To get huge muscles and extreme definition you have to be lifting heavy weights everyday for hours. Not to mention take lots of pills, powders, and other supplements.

Lauren Plumey - 23 Rounds of Cindy RX'd and a 4 minute fran...And totally hot.

CrossFit can get you looking like Lauren Plumey; who competed in last years CrossFit games. You can check out her profile here. If you look at some of her benchmark workouts you’ll see that she can outperform most guys. And yet she looks amazing; good muscle tone and awesome work capacity. SHE IS FIT!

The girls in the picture below are another great example. This picture was taken during the 2009 CrossFit games. These women are the cream of the crop of CrossFit athletes. They workout 5-6 days a week and to get to the CrossFit games they were most likely doing extra weight lifting and sometimes working out multiple times a day. Yet there they are; looking gorgeous carrying those sandbags up a giant hill. You should be grateful we don’t have any hills in Beaumont.

These girls are top CrossFit athletes - and very hot

The bottom line is that we don’t lift enough weights to get any bigger than we’d like. Sure we lift heavy, sometimes, but we might not do that lift again for 2-4 weeks so it will be different muscles that get worked anyways. We are simply building your strength and increasing your work capacity. You will gain some muscle tone which most people would like to have anyways. And if you get to a point where you are as toned as you want to be then simply scale back; but I promise you that won’t happen.

For a great article with more pictures of beautiful CrossFit women check out “Strength and Beauty”



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