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WOD 120913

Atlas Stone Skill Work

Max Effort Stone to Shoulders in 90 seconds

3 Rounds:
400m Row
800m Run
*Rest 3:00*

You may have noticed some new flyers around the gym with information about “East Texas Superstars.” A fun and challenging test of all-around athletic ability and skill for all ages! It will be Saturday, November 10, 2012 – 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m at Pecan Grove Community Center, 414 S. Vallie Ave., Kirbyville, Texas. This isn’t necessarily a CrossFit competition as it is just an overall test of athletic ability. We would like to see lots of our athletes come try this out. Just like everything we do at CFL we want you to just push yourself and not worry about how you finish compared to anyone else.
The competition is divided into two event categories; seven compulsory and six elective. As a competitor, you must attempt all seven compulsory events. You must then select your choice of three out of six elective events offered, keeping the competition fun and interesting and the outcome a bit more unpredictable. You will be awarded points according to your performance in each of your events. Your points in each event will be totaled together and your overall and age-group standing then determined for awards.

Compulsory (must attempt all seven)
1. 100 meter dash
2. Push-ups (hand-release, max in 2 minutes)
3. Sit-ups (max in 2 minutes)
4. Pull-ups (women use timed flexed-arm hang)
5. Weight-lifting: clean & jerk (w/Sinclair coefficient)
6. Mile run

Elective (complete any three of the following six)
1. 5 mile bike road race – must supply your own bike
2. Basketball (best of 10 “around-the-world” shots)
3. Golf (30-yard chip-shot – 3 strokes), point system scoring
4. Softball throw (distance)
5. Frisbee toss (accuracy)
6. Jump rope (max reps in 2 minutes)

You can get signed up at mydeltalife.net We hope to see lots of our athlets out there. Leave a comment if you’ve signed up.



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