Do Something You Hate Everyday

Do Something You Hate Everyday

Larry of CFDC Giving It His All
Larry of CFDC Giving It His All

My buddy Sam has this written on the bottom of his computer monitor. It’s a constant reminder that he should constantly be striving for improvement. One of the quickest ways to improve your game is by working on something you suck at. People usually dislike things they aren’t good at, so they don’t do them. I say if you have something you’re not good at, devote more time to it.

Do you spend months trying to get 5 more pounds on your bench press but you can only snatch half your weight? It would be more worthwhile to spend more time working on the snatch and see drastic increases, rather than spend time trying to get a slight increase in an area that is already the top of your game. We have much more room for improvement with things that we suck at. At CrossFit we want to be complete athletes. We specialize in not specializing so that means that we work EVERY aspect of our fitness. By focusing on our weaknesses we increase our overall athletic capacity; which will translate into gains in areas that you currently excel in.

Things we are skilled at are easier to us and so that’s what we tend to do. Bigger guys lift a lot because they have just always been good at lifting. A 6 week endurance program would improve their overall fitness substantially more than a 6 week strength program. With the strength program they may be able to add 2-3% to their lifts since they are already near the top of their game. If we instead focus that person’s efforts toward improving their endurance we could decrease their run times 5-10%. This same scenario could be reversed for someone who runs 5 miles a day and never lifts.

If you want to see gains faster you need to work on your entire game; so hit your weaknesses to become a well-rounded athlete. It’s not easy but it’s the best way to increase your overall fitness.

Choose the hard. You’ll be better because of it.



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