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WOD 130121

Every :45 for 9 Minutes (13 Reps)
1 Snatch + 2 OHS
Notes: Ideally, this will be done at 80% of your 1rm. Performing a Squat Snatch for the initial Snatch will count as your first OHS. Meaning you’ll only have to squat 1 more time.

With a 10 minute clock:
AMRepAP in 5 min:
KB Swings (55/35)
Run 800m with remaining time.
with a 5 minute Clock:
AMRepAP in 2:30:
KB Snatch (55/35)
Run 400m with remaining time.
Score is total reps of swings and Snatches.

Intro Classes:
3 x 100m Sprints

Wall Ball (20/14)

We’ve had an amazing turnout thus far with our intro classes. I hope everyone who has visited has had a great experience. We’re doing our best to handle the crowds, so please bear with us if we have some slip ups. If you have any questions about a membership, please don’t hesitate to ask Sean or Clayton. Now is the time to start scheduling your on-ramp class so there is no delay in your training.

Also, don’t forget, we have CFL shirts for sale in the office for $20!

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  • Grant Anderson

    Anyone else very confused as to how this WOD works?

  • Chelsey Wigginton

    I just did the noon class.. So the set the timer for 10 min and for the first five minutes you do as many kb swings as possible and once the 5 min is up you spend the remaining time running 800m. If you finish before the 5 min is up you get to rest. Then they set the timer for 5 more min and you do kb snatches for the first 2:30 and then run 400m in the remaining 2:30

    I only did 90 reps in all rx’d. Torn hands = extreme pain when doing kb snatches… :/

  • Grant

    Good showing for the 4:30 class.
    4:40 Rx, like a scaled Fran.
    Also stayed for the snatch work with the 5:30 crew.
    Good times!

  • toben

    Swings and snatches, two of my favorite things. This looks like it was a fun one!

  • J Ru

    75# / 130reps (30#KB)

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