DJ Dominating The Barbell

WOD 11/18/10

Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1
3 Rounds with a partner:
250m Row
Kettlebell Hold in Rack Position (2 – 53#/35#)

One partner rows while the other holds the kettlebells in the rack position. Once the row is complete switch. Each partner will row three times.

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  • Jaywes23

    I hate to miss this one

  • miranda

    Oh gosh! I remember this work out! Its tough. I can’t wait! Lol

  • Wala Wala

    Ohhhhh noooooooooooooooooo. My ass is toast

  • jacob

    657 with Nedab. So much easier when your partner is good at rowing. 185 on Jerk. 10# pr.

  • miranda

    Shannon an I got 6:53 RX baby!

  • Neal

    205# on the Jerk

    6:52 on the metcon with Traci

  • toben

    6:36 Rx w/ Jack D. and 185# on the jerk (but man, was it ugly…)

  • Stephen

    Great job on the PR Jacob. I take full credit. Me and Sheree killed this WOD this morning at the 6am with 7:19. Last time I put them down, but refused to this time. Alysa and Amber did steal Sheree’s kettlebells halfway through, but I think she was happy about it.

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