Susan Working The Med-Ball

WOD 7/1/10

Front Squat 3-3-3
7 Rounds:
20 Air Squats
15 Push-Ups
10 V-Ups

Today is Day 1 of the Summer Lean-Out/Paleo challenge. If you have any fitness or nutrition questions or just want some advice on how to maximize your results ASK A COACH! We’re here to help you guys in any way we can. Good luck to all of the participants. (PS the winners will be taking home a pretty nice cash prize!)

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  • Michutka

    Me, Neal, and Stefan are more than just a pretty face and good looks. If you got questions ask us. Bring on this Paleo challenge!!!!!!

  • cassi

    Dang!!! I am too top heavy for v-ups!!!!

  • JJ

    whats a good idea for a “snack” other than just a fruit..and also if there are any paleo “desserts”

  • Clayton

    JJ, check out paleoplan.com. Has alot of different recipes…but coach, v ups? You’re killing me sir…

  • Jacob

    Can a coach win the challenge? I know stephen already looks about as good as a guy can. I was just wondering.

    Also, pretty slow today on push ups. 9:54 but at least I was wearing the weight vest.

  • StephenW

    Stephen told me they aren’t eligible to enter. Although he said he’s doing the challenge on his own.

  • JeremyWF

    6:56 RX Push ups are still killing me.

  • Neal

    JJ – I do almonds and walnuts as a snack. Also almond butter with fruit. Or a tomato w/ olive oil and salt & pepper w/ cucumber. nomnomnom If you’re near a grocery store pick out some new deli meat you’ve never had.

    245#x3 265#x2

    6:42 on the metcon w/ 10# vest

  • Jaywes23

    205# x 3, 8:01 rx

  • Stephen

    Thanks JJ. 195# x3 today. I think my time was 10:45. Barefoot, shirts off, v ups on the concrete outside. Nothing like it.

  • miranda

    8 minutes something. LOVED it!

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