Featured Athlete: Alanna Traylor

Featured Athlete: Alanna Traylor

Looks can be deceiving. I have never been a person that has been considered overweight but that certainly does not mean that I have always been healthy. I am a homeschool mom to my precious girls, Hope 11 and Karstyn 9. The stress of life and not taking time for self care just gradually happened over time. Also, I have struggled with an autoimmune issue for the last few years that had caused me to to slip into a more sedentary lifestyle than I would prefer. About 7 months ago I decided enough was enough. I began to realize that I owe it to myself, my husband Matt, and my daughters to get stronger. My girls have been doing kids crossfit since we moved here in July 2017 and my sister, Januarie Morrison, is an active crossfitter too. It dawned on me that if they can do it, I can too.


I have a connective tissue issue where my joints are hyper mobile. It means I am super flexible but also can injure myself rather easily. I met with Sean and we mapped out a game plan for how crossfit could help strengthen my joints without causing injury. With crossfit I can actually strengthen my joints and make them less prone to injury. I use low weights and modify many movements. I have never rx’d a workout and that is okay. That is one of the beautiful things about crossfit, anyone at any age or level can join and succeed. My only competition is myself and I am able to challenge myself to improve at my own speed. I am getting stronger every week. I enjoy getting to workout with my sister and my niece, Lydia, on a weekly basis. I love the fellowship and encouragement that I receive from the other members at Crossfit Lumberton. The members have embraced and supported me from the beginning. It is truly a workout family.



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