Featured Athlete: Barron and Tamara Royer

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After taking a picture of ourselves after Christmas in 2014 my wife and I did not recognize the people in the picture. My wife and I had always been slim but maybe not in the greatest shape. I had always done some sort of sport and never had any issues with weight gain. We could tell that we were gaining weight and hitting a regular gym in the past would last for maybe 2-3 months and we’d fall right back in the same routine. My wife Tamara saw the New You Crossfit classes starting in January 2015 and wanted to try it. A friend that told me how fun it was and said I would love it, so we started going to the free Saturday classes. I have to admit it was very rough and we were both extremely sore the first few weeks, but we both loved it! Two years later we are still going strong and go to class at least 5-6 days a week. Both of us have even competed in some Crossfit competitions!. I know people say they don’t have time but you have to make time. Even our kids Haley 19, Hanna 15, Haden 9, know this is the normal activity after work now. Our two oldest have taken interest and have been to many classes and are wanting to attend more. We have made Crossfit a part of our life to be healthier for us and our family. The people and coaches here are top notch and make it so easy and fun to show up everyday and put in the work.

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