Featured Athlete: Chad West

Featured Athlete: Chad West

Chad enjoys the beach:) And Peanut Butter Bash’s
Periodically, we will feature an athlete on the blog who has shown huge results since they’ve been with us.  Opening only in February, it’s hard to imagine being ready to feature someone so soon. We easily have 5 people we could feature, so we’ll start with Chad. Chad stopped by one day to visit, and never quit coming. As one of our “OG’s” Chad is an example to everyone in the gym. Chad is proof of what can happen when you focus your training, and dial in your diet. Changing his family’s lifestyle along with him, we’re getting the whole family on board. Breaking the 200 pound mark was a huge milestone in his training, breaking 190 was icing on the cake! We can’t wait to see what kind of goals Chad makes and breaks again!
2 months: CrossFit, Paleo, and Peanut Butter Bash’s

“I had no idea how fat I actually was until I began looking through pictures from a year ago. However, I do remember the daily misery I encountered. Coming from a background in high school sports and serving as a Marine Scout Sniper, I never thought I would be that unfit. I had heard about Crossfit through contacts I still have in the military community but was nervous about getting involved. I envisioned me at 39 years old coming into a gym with 20 somethings getting shamed and belittled. Not very encouraging! However, my experience has been quite the opposite. The coaches are excellent and scale the workouts to your level with the guarantee of improvement. There are many people like me trying to establish a healthy, high performance lifestyle from various ages and backgrounds. Everyone is very encouraging, pushing me to do better; even the 20 something studs. I am even surprising myself at the things I thought I would never do again, including unsupported chin-ups. I have went from 232 pounds to 189 pounds since the first of the year. You know what the best part is? I’m just getting started.”



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