Featured Athlete: Colette Nelson

Featured Athlete: Colette Nelson

My name is Colette Nelson, I’m 40 yo, and I’m addicted to CrossFit. Like so many, I’ve struggled with my weight and a really unhealthy relationship with food most of my life. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 15yo. I’ve always kept what I thought was active in sports growing up and have always had a gym membership or been part of a boot camp workout group. I’ve had phases where I was in fairly good shape as an adult, mostly through running long distance. I would always let life get in the way and fall into my less active, bad eating ruts again.


My husband and I moved back to SETX from Central TX about 4 years ago. That was a happy move but a very stressful time. I was NOT taking care of myself. The day after we closed on our dream house in August of 2014 I had a heart attack, the doctors referred to as a “widow maker” at 99% blockage in a main artery. While I’m very thankful to be alive, it left me with 35% heart function/infraction, and a fancy new defibrillator/pacemaker implant.
After all that I was still failing to stick with a healthy exercise or eating regimen. I bought a fancy new treadmill… that turned into a clothes rack just as my husband predicted. I found that a very low carb diet was amazing for my Diabetes… when I could stick to it.


I didn’t know much about Crossfit, just that a good friend of mine in the Austin area, who is a former college athlete, is a Crossfit beast and would always enter competitions. Yea, that wasn’t me at all!!


My next door buddy, Stacy Sonnier, tried to get me moving by walking in the evenings, but most days i’d ditch her because I was just too tired from work or just not feeling it. One day she had the bright idea that she and her soon to be Marine son were gonna join Crossfit Lumberton and I should join with them. I thought she was out of her mind! I was way too out of shape for that! However she’s very persuasive, and I liked the idea of group workouts and set workouts that vary daily. So in November 2017 I jumped right in with the On Ramps, learned all about “scaling” because I knew that would be me for a long while, and started attending in the evenings, maybe 3 times a week at best, but I loved everything about it. My mind just wasn’t there yet. Still hadn’t really committed to changing my diet, and was even slacking on my 3 times a week. I started getting the emails from Sean, asking where I was… Finally this June I had enough of being tired all the time, wondering what fat clothes I could still fit into for work each morning, and needed to get serious about burning off work stress that was getting to me. I am NOT a morning person!!! I knew the only way to keep work from getting in the way or from talking myself out of working out in the evenings because I was just too tired, was to knock it out first thing in the morning. I started back to my consistent 3 days a week @ 6am (shout out to Shelby and Devon for putting up with me running in as warm up starts), was seeing PR’s I wasn’t seeing before, and let that motivate me to start attending 5 even 6 days a week most weeks. The progress in the gym was also motivating me to eat better. I didn’t want to flush all that hard work at the beginning of the day down the toilet! I got back on track with my low carb diet. I still wasn’t seeing the weight loss I wanted, and was referred to Chris I. He helped me understand what and how much I should be eating to see better results. I lost 20lbs pretty quick after that. Not much since but seeing big changes in the shape of my body for sure, and friends/ family are noticing as well. I’ve been able to start running again. I had my heart infraction tested a few weeks ago, and I was still at 35%. I told my cardiologist that I was disappointed that it hadn’t improved but he explained that I can’t repair the muscles in my heart but the stronger I make all my other muscles the less work and stress on my heart, so no change was good.


I love Crossfit Lumberton. I love all my coaches, and love my 6am team!! Heather Latino asked me how I was liking Crossfit a few months in, and I told her I found my home! She looked at Lance and said “She drank the koolaid!”


Thank you all for kicking my butt in gear and for the accountability that is keeping me going! I don’t have a Before & After picture… I have a Before & In Progress picture. I’m not AFTER yet!!



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