Featured Athlete: Eric Bingham

Featured Athlete: Eric Bingham



I guess I would have to start out by saying that I’ve never been a self motivated person when it comes to exercise.  My job requires me to drive to different locations everyday and most of the exercise I encounter is getting out of my car and walking into a building.  It seems that 30 years of eating bad, no exercise, and aging finally caught up with me.   I had already had a few indicators that I needed to lose weight and get in shape. I overheated one day working outside and blacked out, and had many problems with gout in my joints.  The real eye opener for me was when I passed out one night and it scared my family.  My wife made me go to the doctor and get checked out.  The first thing they did was weigh me and I couldn’t believe it.  A whopping 260 lbs which was the most I had ever weighed.  My blood pressure, cholesterol, uric acid, and liver enzymes were high.  Now I’m not a Rocket Scientist but I knew that this couldn’t be good.

AthleteEric02A friend of mine, Cliff Hardy, told me about CrossFit Lumberton, but it was going to take a little more than hearing about it to get me to go.  It wasn’t until my daughter, Kelly and friends Todd and Shelbie decided that they wanted to try out the free class on Saturday that I was finally shamed into going.  I think now I was tricked because I am actually the only one of us that was out of shape.   Cliff was there and pointed out the “check your ego” slogan when you walk in the door and I must say that I definitely had to do so.  When I saw what I was expected to do in that 1 hour period, I thought to myself, there’s no way that I can do this, and I was right!  I was so weak and out of shape that I got winded very easily.  Even the basic exercises like sit-ups and pushups were a challenge.  Thank goodness there were ways of scaling the exercises and weight movements. With scaling, I was able to get through the workouts.  We kept going to the free Saturday classes for a couple of months and then came the “Summer Special.” This special pushed us to sign up.  I started working out more and I have to say that I began to be surprised at the progress I was making.  I could actually do a back squat and do it right.  I also noticed that I was able to last longer during the workouts and I had fewer do not finishes.   At this point, I will have to admit that I started to look forward to going to the workouts.  At the end of the summer I didn’t need to be motivated to join, I wanted to.  I am now below 200 lbs and my blood pressure is perfect.  I have not had an episode of gout since I started working out.  I have not been back to the doctor, so I don’t know about the other problems I was having but I would guess that the results would be better.

I am truly blessed to have family and friends who cared enough about me that they convinced me to do something for my health.  I am also thankful that Sean, Clayton, and Clay are so patient and understanding.  They make working out at CrossFit Lumberton a very positive experience and are always there to give encouragement and instruction.  I have only been going to CrossFit Lumberton for less than a year but I have met a lot of people there who are really nice. I consider it a gift to have gotten to know them.  All I can say is that if I can do it, I know that anyone can.  I hope to see you there!!!

Eric is a prime example of how effective CrossFit is. He definitely struggled through the WODs when he started with us, but through determination and the helping support of our gym members,  he has become a powerhouse of strength. This guy is even starting to do pullups unassisted and not even skipping a beat! We’re proud to have him in the CFL family and we love his determination to excel! 



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