Featured Athlete: Kanda Miller

Featured Athlete: Kanda Miller

My name is Kanda Miller! I’m 29 years old and from Lumberton, TX. I am married with two children.

After having my daughter almost four years ago my weight and eating habits were out of control. At 5’4″ I was 200 lbs and very unhealthy. I decided to take control of my health and began running. I started with a free running app slowly jogging on my lunch break at work. When I began I could jog 30 seconds and that was it, but I kept jogging a little but longer each week. Since then I have completed multiple 5k’s and a half marathon, which I ran without stopping! Completing runs is still where my heart is but I needed something more challenging after three years. So I started looking for a challenge.

I always wanted to go to a Saturday 9am class at Crossfit but was always too scared. I finally decided to try a week of free Shred classes and fell in love with the gym and the people. After a few months of Shred I knew I had to join the regular classes. One thing I love about Crossfit is everything can be scaled and modified. It is literally for every body no matter where their fitness level is – and the friends you make is a huge plus.

Since joining one year ago I have gained more confidence in myself and I look forward to going to the gym each day. Huge shout out to all of the coaches (especially Heather) that have helped push me and motivate me to do better.



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