Featured Athlete: Katie Romero

Featured Athlete: Katie Romero

My name is Katie Romero; I am 26 and a Deputy Clerk in the Hardin County District Clerk’s Office.  My IMG_1001journey with health, fitness and nutrition didn’t start until my early twenties. It wasn’t until I started college that I joined a gym and showed any interest in become a healthier version of myself.  At the beginning of my journey I used a personal trainer to plan my workouts and keep them varied and different. My nutrition is where I struggle to make the most difference. In August of this year I started using a nutritionist, with his help and guidance I feel like I have gotten my nutrition on track. While I am nowhere near perfect, I feel like I can confidently say I am moving in the right direction. At first I was reluctant to try Crossfit but after several months of asking, Taylor McDaniel convinced me to try the two weeks free in January, I immediately felt welcomed and apart of the community. To say I have been hooked since IMG_1429would be an understatement; I have loved almost every minute minus the burpees, of course J. I love the fact I can see myself getting stronger, seeing my body change, and being able to add IMG_1431weight to my lifts! By working out at CFL, and incorporating the guidance from my nutritionist I have lost 26 pounds and 5.5% body fat. While I have yet to meet my goals, having everyone’s support makes the journey a lot more fun! CFL is much more than a gym…It is the whole atmosphere: from the friendships made, encouraging coaches, and goals I continue to meet that keep me coming back. I am truly blessed to workout with each and every one of you!







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