Featured Athlete: Katie Wooten

Featured Athlete: Katie Wooten

  Meet our newest Featured Athlete – Katie Wooten.  Katie came to us as one of our very first members.  Being coaches before and coaching other athletes, we’ve seen people like her before. Stubborn, set in her ways, not going to change, and uncomfortable with the extra effort we asked of her.  Congratulations on being the winner of our very first Paleo Challenge, and our newest Featured Athlete. We’re very proud of what you’ve accomplished. Here’s her experience:
“I want to first give props to Sean and Clayton. Thanks to both of you! It is so nice to be encouraged even when you feel like you don’t deserve it, those days when you’re frustrated, tired and just done, wondering why you even came. I have learned so much and I have been humbled in the last 4 months. You both have helped show me what it is to not be proud, helped me understand there will be things I can’t do, and that it’s okay. If I had a dime for the times I heard, “Did you read what it says at the door?” (Check your ego) I would be loaded! On the flip side of this tho, I feel great to have learned so many things I CAN do that I never thought I could. I appreciate the fact y’all see the potential where I so many times don’t. Thanks guys! 
I remember my first day of CrossFit like it was yesterday, only because I really thought I was going to die and I really thought I was going to throw up on Sean. The feeling of defeat is not something that has ever sat well with me……I was defeated that day. I refused to accept it.
I had come a long way before I even decided to visit CrossFit the first time, I ‘thought” I was in shape. Just a year ago, I weighed 170 pounds and was miserable. My body is not built for that weight at only 5’2. I had just settled for the fact that I was going to be “healthy” for the rest of my life, but then I got really sick and HAD to make some changes. I started running and lost 27 pounds. Running was good but not really a challenge after awhile, I wanted to push my body to its limits, like I did when I first started running. I needed a challenge, something to make me mad and just about defeat me but not quite. I needed the peer accountability as well, people to hold me accountable for what they know I am capable of, but also encourage me when I needed encouraging. CrossFit more than fit that description and still does.  

Coming into CrossFit they talked about the Paleo diet, but I was prepared to fight to the death for my vegetarian ways. It’s what I had known for so long and it worked for me so the thought of eating meat was dumb, just not okay. I would cringe when they would talk about all the stuff they ate, my stomach would turn. As I started to lift, I couldn’t do what I thought I should be able to do! I hated to admit that maybe they (Sean and Clayton) were right, I had to start to add some meat to my diet. As I started to add more meat, everything came together.

Way to Go KATIE!!!

My times started to improve as did my lifts and my overall performance. June 1, I decided to join in on the Paleo challenge just to push myself to seal the deal on the Paleo thing. I didn’t care if I won, I was doing this for me…and for the pair of tennis shoes I was getting if I completed it. (Tennis shoes are the way to my heart) I would relapse every now and then, going back to vegetarian ways, and this would drive me to make it happen. I wanted to see what real results would happen if I stuck it out 100%. This would mean no Hot Tamales candy…..ugh! I would eat a 5 pound bag every 3 days, no shame!I did it for 60 days cheating only while we were at Disney for 5 days. It definitely sealed the deal for me. I have never felt better in my life. My performance has improved like I could never have imagined it would, I shock myself some days. In those 60 days, I lost 5 inches on my waist and 9 pounds. I haven’t had Hot Tamales since May 31! Whoop! I am proof that anyone can do
this 🙂

I love to go to the box and know that quitting is not an option, failure is okay (that’s how you find your max), and coming in last is NOT a sign of weakness because you showed up, did the WOD, and completed it, giving your all. It has taken me since March to accept these few things without crying about them. True Story.”



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