Featured Athlete: Keri Buxton

Featured Athlete: Keri Buxton

When I started crossfit a year and half ago, I was not expecting it to be something that I enjoy as much as I do. I was invited several times over the last 5 years and If there was an excuse to be had, I had it for you. I had a friend invite me to crossfit one day, so I said I would go and in my head I thought I would gk2et through this day and be done with it. I get to the class that day and the coach was going over scaled options and I am nodding my head but in my mind I was certain that I could handle that work out. I remember the clock starting and I had just started a run when one person passes me, person two, person three and pretty much everyone else in the class. We had finished only part of the work out and I was ready to throw in the towel. The scaled options that the coach mentioned at the beginning of the class now sounded like a great idea! After the workout ended and I am laying on the floor, I could not believe I was so out of shape! I signed up right then to do the on ramp class the very next day. The next three days I did the onramp, and I was determend to get in shape and get some energy. All the excuses I had previously had, started to vanish. I wanted to be healthy not just for me but for my two daughters, who are always watching everything that I do. I feel like I am always improving, always learning new things, always being challenged and there is always someone to help push you through the daily workout. Just making a small investment in my time, has turned out to make a huge life Difference. kIt is a great feeling to just look back at where I started and see so much improvement in my weightlifting, my body composition, and my day to day energy level. God is the biggest role in my health, he gives us each a body and we can decide what to do with it and hopefully that is to take care of it! I wished I would have started crossfit sooner! I have made some amazing friendships for life, who give me that extra motivation. I also believe we have some of the very best coaches in crossfit that truly care and are there to help. All I have to do is show up and work out! Its truly that simple!



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