Featured Athlete: Linda McCluskey

Featured Athlete: Linda McCluskey

I am Linda McCluskey and was honored and surprised when Stephanie wanted to feature me as the Athlete of the Month! I am the membership sales manager for AirMedCare Network. We have the helicopter here in Beaumont that transports people who are experiencing a life- or limb-threatening event.


I have enjoyed exercising or working out for a long time beginning with the YMCA Run for Your Life Program back in the 1960s. Running shoes as such weren’t even invented then. The first pair I had was mail order from New Balance in Boston, MA that had ripple soles. (Wish I had saved them to compare them to what is worn today.) The Run for Your Life program got a lot of people exercising at a pace that minimized injuries. My neighbor and I ran every morning at 5 am before his work and my going to nursing school. If one of us overslept, we would rap on the bedroom window to wake them. My husband used to tell people that he wasn’t sure what I was doing that early in the morning, but I would get up, leave the house, and come back 30 to 40 minutes later hot and sweaty. Then the Fun Runs came along and Marathons. I have completed six marathons: Galveston, my first in 1977, then Crowley, LA, Pikes Peak twice, Houston, and Los Collonias in San Antonio where I came in second place in the women’s division. I have completed too many to count 5Ks and 10Ks. Along the way, I exercised with Jack LaLanne and others on TV. As a registered nurse who worked in the operating room specializing in orthopedics, I saw the importance of keeping fit especially when the elderly came in with broken hips. I decided then to continue exercising in order to enjoy doing the things I want to do. My late husband and I enjoyed scuba diving visiting a lot of beautiful islands and resorts including Palau. Being fit enhanced my visits to these places where I hiked as well as scuba dived.

A few years ago I saw the CrossFit sign in Lumberton as I passed it multiple times. Then I met Sean and his mother, Lisa, at the Village Creek Fair. He invited me to stop by which I did and later started with the Boot camp. I enjoyed the camaraderie of working out with the group and Stacey was a wonderful coach. When she went back to school, I started in the 6 am class. I can tell I am getting stronger but not near where I want to be; I love my work-out partners and coach, Katie. The things I appreciate about Cross Fit are the encouragement, stressing correct form, and suggestions how to scale the movement when I cannot do it as prescribed. Needless to say, CrossFit is good for me! By the way, last October I celebrated a milestone, 75 years of a contented and exciting life.



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