Featured Athlete: Lindsay Pence

Featured Athlete: Lindsay Pence

Lindsay PenceFirst things first, I was so flattered when Stephanie asked me to do a write up for athlete of the month! Everyone I have met at Crossfit Lumberton has been amazing and so motivated to push themselves and each other. My name is Lindsay Pence and I am 33 years old, the mother of two beautiful daughters, and the Marketing Director for the Silsbee and Lufkin ServiceMaster. My first journey into fitness began after the birth of my second daughter Harper. I joined the YMCA in San Diego, CA and fell in love with the way exercise makes you feel. After a move back to Texas I could not find a gym that was the right fit and knew absolutely nothing about CrossFit. After putting on some unwanted pounds and noticing a decline in my energy levels I did some research online and decided to give it a shot. I am so glad I did because although it was very difficult at first, I am proud to say I am now CrossFit obsessed! The coaches, the members, and the constantly changing programming are all the things that make it special and impossible to get bored. CFL is a real confidence booster as well! Looking back and seeing your progress on Wodify gives you a tangible reminder of how capable our bodies are of improving. For me, my hour at CrossFit means my little piece of sanity in an otherwise crazy day and a constant reminder of how strong I can be, and that’s priceless.



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