Featured Athlete: Mayra Uribe

Featured Athlete: Mayra Uribe

My name is Mayra Uribe, I am 39 years old and from Saltillo, Coah Mexico. I live in Kountze,TX with my mom, two beautiful daughters Camila and Alejandra, and three pets.


Ever since I was in school I’ve always liked all kinds of sports, like basketball and track. In my teenage years after 9th grade, I became interested with anything related to health and helping others and because of those affinities, I enrolled in a nursing school. In the mornings I would attend nursing practices and in the afternoons I would study so I never had time to work out. Unfortunately, the nursing school I attended shut down meaning
I couldn’t pursue my dreams of becoming a nurse.


A couple of years passed and I decided on moving to the United States where I started to work and eventually I met my husband Aldo and had two daughters. Everything was good; I felt secure and safe with my stable marriage until I got a call…a call telling me that my husband had passed away in a tragic accident. From that day on in 2011, my life took a turn and I realized that I had to be strong and move forward with my two daughters who were only five and eight years old at the time.


I started a new beginning and my top priorities which were: to take care of and raise my daughters, to work and raise enough money to construct our new home, and return to fitness.


Now after eight years I can proudly say I worked hard and I accomplished my goals. I’m still taking care of and raising my two girls and I have built my dream home. I remember always passing by CrossFit and promising myself that I’d attend a class. One Saturday morning I decided to try it out and I fell in love, so as time went by I decided to sign up and officially become a member. My experience at CrossFit has been excellent, it has helped me both physically and mentally. I recommend people to come by for a stress reliever and for a great workout of.


Lastly, I want to send out a big thanks to all the coaches and members that are so kind and patient. Thank you.



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