Featured Athlete: Melissa Thompson

Featured Athlete: Melissa Thompson

My name is Melissa Thompson. I am 31 years old and I have been a member of Crossfit Lumberton since 2012. Playing sports throughout my entire life has always kept me in pretty great shape, or so I thought. I will never forget the text message I received from a friend back in 2012. “Hey, Melissa! We are all meeting at this place called Crossfit if you want to join us?”.


Let’s just say that Crossfit has been an addiction of mine ever since that day! The COMMUNITY at Crossfit is PRICELESS. Walking into my first ever class not even knowing what Crossfit was and leaving the same day feeling like I just made a class full of friends is AMAZING!!


Then the hardest part…..NUTRITION!!!!! Yes…So, as I am writing this wishing that I would have listened to Sean back in
2012 preaching to the class about making the right nutritional decisions…I knew he was right and I still choose to
do what was WRONG! I kept eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Then September 2016 came around when I was forced take a family photo. I was so ashamed of the person I had become on the outside. I got on the scale to see the same numbers that
I saw at my full term pregnancy weight. This is the day I woke up and realized that it is nearly impossible to out
work a bad diet. Since that day in September, I have commited to 80% nutrition and maintained my gym time and am proud to say that I have released 30 pounds since.


I may not always be the strongest or the fastest, but I am so glad that I said yes to that text message back in 2012.
All of our coaches that hold me accountable, no matter if it means yelling at me telling me to pick up the bar and move, to all my closest friends that have become my family and held me accountable even if it means a friendly text message at 4:30am!



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