Featured Athlete: Michael Roberts

Featured Athlete: Michael Roberts

My name is Michael Roberts, I am 32 years old. I was born and raised in Beaumont and grew up playing pretty much every sport there was. I always considered myself fairly athletic and in decent shape during this time with all the games, practices, and workouts. After high school I went off to Austin where I attended the University of Texas. During college there were no more games, practices, or workouts, and my decent shape became rounder by the year. After graduating I moved back home where I got a job with the Beaumont Police Department. I got myself back into some shape during the police academy mainly by running. I had heard of Crossfit from some friends and had done a few wods on my own at different places. In 2011 I tried out for the SWAT team and didn’t make it. I passed the physical test but my times and scores were nothing impressive. It was then that I decided to give an actual CrossFit gym a try. I did my on ramps with Neal and started at CrossFit Beaumont in September of 2011. I was instantly hooked.


After starting at CFB I quickly got myself into some good shape. In 2012 at the next tryout I performed better and got selected. I have been a member ever since. My Crossfit journey has had its ups and downs along the 7 years. In that time I have been a member of all 3 sister gyms, Beaumont, Mid County, and now Lumberton. My lifts and times have gone up and down but the one thing that stayed the same was my poor nutrition. Working a midnight schedule for many years this meant a lot of Whataburger! I worked out so that I could eat. I never really concerned myself with getting better at CrossFit. I didn’t work on things I was weak at. Instead if I didn’t like the workout or thought I would struggle I just wouldn’t go that day.


Heather and I moved to Lumberton in May of 2016 and quickly made CrossFit Lumberton our new home. Things started to change for me once at CFL. I signed up for the CrossFit Open for the first time ever in 2017 and I started to become more interested in the sport of CrossFit. Heather and I had the opportunity to go to Madison, Wisconsin in August 2017 to watch the CrossFit Games. Seeing the fittest men and women in the world compete on that stage was an eye opening experience. It was then that I made a conscious effort to get better. I started working on my weaknesses and practicing things I had typically avoided in the past. It has been a struggle at times and a constant work in progress but that is what keeps me coming back day after day. After a second trip to the CrossFit Games in 2018 I decided I wanted to give coaching a try and increase my knowledge in CrossFit. Coach Courtney and I attended the Level 1 course together shortly after getting back from the Games and started the coaching journey. Although I had made the shift in my training to get better by working on weaknesses I still had never got my diet in check.


After the Level 1 course I made a real effort to make a change. Courtney helped me to get my nutrition in check and hold me accountable to what I was eating. Since then I have stayed on track (for the most part) and have reaped the benefits! I have lost pounds, inches, and seen a drastic improvement in my overall fitness. The saying that you can’t out train a bad diet is 100% true, ask me how I know!



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