Featured Athlete: Pauline Pipps

Featured Athlete: Pauline Pipps

How did I learn about CrossFit? By losing a bet with Jenny Rawls!


I was 47, overweight, self-conscious because my clothes no longer fit and I jiggled in all the wrong places. All I knew about CrossFit was from seeing bits & pieces of the Crossfit Games… so of course I was convinced I was going to die! But in spite of that fear I went to a free Saturday class and quickly discovered just how unfit I was (cue the palpitations and shortness of breath thanks to thrusters)!


Athletic was not a word used to describe me. Chunky, yes, athletic not so much. Over the years I had tried the usual as seen on TV fitness videos & programs but couldn’t find the motivation to keep at it for more than a few weeks. Everything changed after that 1st class, even though every single muscle hurt I went back for more. Seeing all the incredibly strong women was the motivation I needed. Gradually it hurt less and less. Everyday I got a little bit stronger.


Now a year and a half later I can’t imagine life without CrossFit! The gym is my happy place! The coaches and members are like another family always encouraging me to push harder. I’ve lost about 20 pounds, have muscles and for once have a positive body image. The coaches have taught me my body can do so much more than I ever thought, fear can be overcome and nothing is impossible.


Thank you everyone at CrossFit Lumberton



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