Featured Athlete: Taylor Mcdaniel

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IMG_2217My name is Taylor McDaniel; I am 25 and the Project Manager at a telecommunication company, LTS Wireless. My whole life I have never cared about working out, and loved all things fried. However, once I began sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week, the weight quickly packed on. About 3 years ago I started working out with my mom and about a year later we decided to try CrossFit. It took us about 8 months to finally get into a groove of going regularly and by this time; I had put on about 30 pounds and hated the way I looked. I decided to start meal prepping and sticking to a consistent workout routine this past April. Since then, I have lost 15 pounds and over 20 inches. CrossFit is something that challenges me every day, and I love being able to see the changes in my body and my strength.The coaches and members at CFL make my time at the gym enjoyable and I (mostly) don’t dread going! Everyone is always supportive and positive, it makes reaching your goals that much easier.

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